The ultimate goal, which I'll never reach, is to picture "all of Berlin": Every street, every bridge, every park... The moment I'm finished -years from now, presumably- I might as well start all over again, considering the constant change going on in Berlin. Pictures I took a year ago are often already outdated when I come back to the location where I took them. And that's exactly what I like about the idea: "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."
If you want to see a particular place - write me. I can't promise I'll go there for you, but I will try. And if you yourself are a visitor of the city who wants to take pictures: remember this is not a city with a single, historical center where all the picturesque motifs are crammed together, it is a huge patchwork of city centers that you have to discover. This is more than just one city.
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20th May 2013

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Book swapping tree in Prenzlauer Berg, corner of Kollwitzstraße/ Sredzkistraße, in front on café Anna Blume.

I love the idea, but unfortunately like all my bookcrossing experiences, it’s a bit annoying that I put out the books I wanted other people to read, while 80% of the people use it as a way to get rid of books they’d otherwise have put into the recycling bin. Of course people take the good books away pretty quickly, of course I didn’t expect it to be a way to get my hands on the newest bestsellers for free, but it would work better if they occasionally put some equally good books into the tree (I never saw anyone actually swap but me, all the other people just took a book, but bookcrossing as I know it is okay with that - still, there’s git to be a give-take balance for this to work…). What I -so far- found instead were discarded old school books and whatnot.

It makes me think I should rather keep my books until my kid’s old enough to read them or a friend shows interest in them.

I’d give it three out of five stars, one for the idea, one for the actuall book shelf/ tree idea, one for the location.

Here’s a more enthusiastic review:

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